Awe-inspiring Tina Ball’s Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Tina has been Lavar Christopher Ball’s spouse, and the mother of Trio Baller, however, this isn’t her entire introduction. Tina Ball is a well-known basketball player from her time. She is from America. United States. Her family is called”the “Ball family.”

The Ball family is a favorite among basketball enthusiasts. Their husband Lavar Ball, along with her two sons, are constantly featured in the media. She is a great player, but she’s also a businesswoman, and often she does not pay attention to the media because she’s not a media star.

Tina’s real name can be described as Christina Catherine Ball. She is often referred to for her nickname “Mama Ball.” The date of her birth was on 11th December 1967. Her birthplace was Chino Hills, California. Robert Slatinsky is the name of Tina’s father. her mother’s name was Catherine Slatinsky.

Tina Ball Biography:

Born: December 11, 1967 (age 53 years), Florida, United States
Spouse: LaVar Ball (m. 1997)
Children: LiAngelo Ball, LaMelo Ball, Lonzo Ball
Parents: Catherine Slatinsky, Robert Slatinsky
Grandchild:Zoey Christina Ball
Education: California State University,
Los Angeles (1987–1991), Alta Loma High School

Body Measurements:

Tina is tall and perfect as an athlete should be her tallness is 6′, 1 inch. She weighs 59 kilograms. Tina’s eyes as well as her hair have a dark hue.

Career and early life:

She was born an athlete. She’s been interested in sports since childhood. She was very skilled at basketball. She plays in a variety of basketball leagues. She was noticed by her school which is named Alta Loma High School, and soon after, she was appointed as the representative of her University. The college she attended was playing basketball,

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and she regularly averaged a double-figured score. She averaged 15.8 points. For rebounding, she scored 18.2. In the following years, she was a part of “Cal State Golden Eagles of Los Angeles Women.” She didn’t play Basketball in a professional setting but she was attracted to other sports, even outside of the court.


The basketball league was where Tina met her soulmate. LaVar told me that I became infatuated with Tina on the first look and discovered Tina Ball stunning and beautiful. He also said that he’d lost all of his thoughts and could not comprehend the situation. He lost his focus when he went back to Tina but he didn’t understand why he had been there. 

After that, he returned and left Tina in a state of confusion. The next time they met He suggested to Tina for marriage , and told her we’d have boys some day, and then they would soon create the family of their own Ball Family. They then were in a relationship for a brief time and then got married. Tina and LaVar ball have an amazing relationship chemistry.

Ball Family:

Following their marriage His plan worked and they now have a Basketball family. Both of them trained their children to be professional basketball players and shortly after, their goals became reality; they were all champions of their time.

Ball’s family is extremely well-known. They have three kids. They are all basketball players. Then they added another member into their Ball family. This is their granddaughter Zoey.

  • Lonzo Ball has a wife and has one girl named Zoey Ball.
  • LaMel Ball
  • LiAngelo Ball
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People who don’t are aware of Tina’s background, they are aware of her role by the name of Lonzo mother of a ball. The family hosts a television reality show, referred to by the name of “Ball Family.” The show is a reflection of their lives in the professional and personal.

 It is made up of Tina with her three sons and her daughter. They are also known for their brand names. They have a number of brands that fall under “Big Baller Brand” that is also commonly referred to as 3B. They classify it as girls 3B, Shoe 3B, and the Lady 3B line. They also offer life accessories.

Medical issues:

In the last couple of years, it was believed that Tina is not physically fit. however her right side is impaired by motor issues due to stroke. It was not confirmed, however it was a bit confusing since her son Lonzo claimed that it was intimate in interviews and didn’t intend to drag his family into politics. He then said he had no comment on the issue; it’s his own family issue.

 In another interview, he stated that his father’s name is often mentioned in the media. Of course, he’s the one that holds our family together. However, Mom is the greatest huge assistance. He’s nothing without her.

In addition, he stated that we’ve been dealing with unexpected issues over the last couple of years. My mom will not let any stroke alter our lives. She is a superhero and a strong fighter. Then it was revealed that she was suffering from several difficulties. At that point she was barely talking however, gradually her voice improved, and she was able to speak again.

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Social Media:

Tina isn’t a particularly social person, which is why she isn’t a fan of Facebook or other social networking sites. This is why she has around 3.5k fans on Instagram. She is also involved in the family show. In addition, the family owns a website.

Tina Ball Net Worth:

Tina Ball net worth is approximately $10 million. The money she earned came from the family business she ran.


  • Tina was a strong and determined child. She played sports right from the beginning.
  • Tina ball’s size is 6,, 1 inch. Tina’s height is higher than normal girls.
  • She picks Basketball to pursue her career at High School.
  • Tina is usually on her reality show with her family.
  • She was unable to continue playing Basketball as a career However, she was able to play on the side of the court.
  • Ball family has many brands which include 3B LaVar’s business setting and Big Baller.
  • Tina assisted her husband in establishing an identity for the nation and also restructuring the company’s brand.
  • Their brands include shoes clothing, shoes, and related products.
  • Zoey Tina’s daughter, is named for her.

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