Damndrose  Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth 2024

American performer Damndrose has been a YouTube model, a celebrity, modeling model and social media influencer. She makes use of Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube as well as TikTok to build her online presence through sharing her photos of life and funny videos. 

In August of 1992 Rose was born and raised in the United States but later moved to Hillcrest which is a neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia, early. 

After making a name for herself online with a huge quantity of social media followers platforms and has leveraged the popularity to become a well-known blogger, and also work as professional model. 

Her Instagram account is currently attracting more than the 93K mark and has thousands of followers on YouTube and YouTube,

where she uploads her modeling pictures and vlogs as well as comments. Utilizing her beauty routines as a way to promote herself on Instagram as well as short snippets of her life, which are posted frequently on Twitter which further increases her popularity among fans.

Damndrose Biography:

  • Name: DamnDRose. 
  • Date of Birth: August 4, 1992.
  • Place of Birth: America
  • Nationality: American 
  • Age:  29 Years (as of 2022)
  • Horoscope: Leo
  • Profession: Tiktoker, YouTuber, 
  • social media influencer and Instagram star.
  • Height: 5’7
  • Weight: 51Kg
  • Body: 31-26-32 inches
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Favorite Actress: Jennifer Aniston
  • Favorite Actor: Tom Hardy
  • Destination: India
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Sportsperson: Michale Jorden
  • Favorite Sports: Basketball
  • Net Worth: 2 Million USD

Damndrose Wiki:

American YouTuber, artist, also known as an influential influencer DamnD Rose is famous for posting her life on social media. DamnD came from the USA. Rose attended the University in his hometown and then attended a private college. Rose began her social media career following her graduation and sharing a variety of faces that look stunning and stunning, beautiful, elegant, and beautiful to her followers. In the present, this beauty is seen in camera photos taking pictures of the world’s most beautiful regions from all corners of the globe by recording over 8 million people on Instagram. Additionally the girls are seen in live video and self-made videosthat impact millions of lives each day by sharing these videos all on the internet.

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Despite being among the most gorgeous ladies in America and being able to live her life in luxury, Rose chose to pursue an even more difficult path of obstacles. As a renowned fashionista and director DRose is taking “lifestyle” and social media marketing to an entirely new level. She often uploads videos to Youtube that share humorous and intimate moments from her daily life. The videos she shares are watched by thousands of viewers around the world who appreciate her ability to use her platform and utilizes it to spread positivity by sharing the use of her “princess smile.”

Damndrose’s Age, Height and body measurements:

Rose’s physical measurements include 5 feet 7 inches weight 51 kilogramsblack hair and eyes and her zodiac signs are Leo and maintaining her form by following a balanced diet and regularly exercising. Her body shape is an hourglass, which measures 31-31-32-32 in.

Damndrose Career:

DRose is an infamous Instagram celebrity who’s in the spotlight for nearly eight years. The social media guru hit the scene at the age of an teen. Born in America, she was a star within the United States. DRose has gained a huge following on social media after she was an “sensation.

Rose has established an impact within the realm in social media. She began using Instagram and TikTok from the beginning of her time in school to find her first job. Motivated by her love for the platform and desire to build an online community of faithful fans She quickly rose up the ranks and became a popular social media star with a substantial fan base on both platforms.

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Damndrose Family:

In the spotlight, focusing on the specifics about the details of family relatives, Damn DRose revealed some of the details regarding her family. Unfortunately, there won’t be much time to inform shareholders on their family situation; It’s a shame!

Damndrose Boyfriend & Relationship:

Based on the information gathered on the internet, Tiktok DRose is in an affair. Tiktok Star DamnD has two children: a daughter and one son. DRose doesn’t reveal what her spouse’s name is. We’ll let you know when we learn more about what’s going on.

Damndrose Instagram account:

She has a million followers across her various social media accounts. “DRose” is a popular video channel that’s achieved many successes. Her journey on social media began by using an extremely popular platform known as TikTok. Rose has always loved dancing and hasn’t stopped since.

Model and Instagram celebrity, DamnD has joined forces with a renowned modeling agency named The Modeling Agency to continue her diverse career. The hot commodity will collaborate with brands like Fashion Nova, Calvin Klein and many more.

Damndrose Tiktok:

Rose isn’t a stranger in the realm of social media. She has amassed a huge fan base on her top platform TikTok and is now able to translate her success to Youtube as well as Instagram with the assistance of a former acquaintance. You might know the dancer by her name DRose however earlier in her career she embraced a popular social media app known as TikTok to launch her career. The app has been a delight for her ears (or eyes!) She’s been dancing since she was a child So it’s this to be no surprise that her abilities have been instrumental in helping DRose become an internet star!

With over a million fans on her Damnd YouTube channel This social media star has been in the field for more than years. She is now a well-known dancer as well as a producer and influencer who was previously an model and actress. Engaging with followers through Instagram posts, DRose is used to interact with her followers in real-time.

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DamnDRose YouTube:

American model and fashion influencer Drose is models, Tiktoker as well as a social media star. Her fame was boosted when she beginning to share photos of her distinctive daily life, lifestyle as well as fun comedy sketches, music videos and inspirational content on her own YouTube channel named “self-titled” on August 8, 2012. Some of her most popular YouTube videos are Her Cooking Sucks, and White Moms against. Black Moms Pt 4 and Interrupted while Moms as well as Black Moms against. Interrupted while Moms. she uploaded on August 9, 2013.

Damndrose Net Worth:

The estimated value of the net worth of @DamnRoses was over USD 2 billion at time at the time of writing. Much of it is derived from her earnings as an actress, model spokesperson, spokesperson, brand promoter and actress. She is also a TikTok celebrity.

Fun facts on Damn Drose:

  • “DAMND ROSE” is one of the most famous Instagram stars of today.
  • The zodiac sign of DRose is Leo.
  • There are over 9000+ followers on Instagram and is also a fashion-model. Therefore, it’s no wonder that she has accumulated her massive following!
  • Damn began using different social media platforms to support herself.
  • Prior to the invention of TikTok, Rose was an enthusiast dancer who had been creating content that moved when she was still old. Today, she’s a renowned TikTok celebrity, blogger, and YouTuber.
  • DRose is an iconic American social media celebrity as a model, vlogger and fashion influencer. She is best known for her makeup and lifestyle videos on her own Youtube channel.
  • DamnRose is a well-known Instagram celebrity who has a large following is stunning and gorgeous.
  • She shares a lot of travel photos She also loves dancing, food and lots of other things.
  • Damnd is married to a daughter. Her marriage date was June.

Social Media Platforms/Profiles/Username:

Instagram: damndrose
Twitter: @damndrosetweets
Facebook: damndrose
Tiktok: @damndrosetiktok
Youtube: Channel
Twitch: N/A
Reddit: N/A
Pinterest: N/A
Website: N/A
Email: N/A
Contact: N/A

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