Marcus Glenn Richardson Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Marcus Richardson is the American husband of Abigail Phillip, a White House reporter on CNN as well as the Director of Consulting of nVisium LLC, located in Herndon, Virginia.

Marcus Glenn Richardson Wiki/Biography:

Spouse: Abby Phillip (m. 2018) Parents: Toussaint Richardson, Russell Richardson
Siblings: Jasmine Richardson

Marcus Richardson is an individual who is regarded as an investor, serial entrepreneur as well as a managing consultant for nVisium and spouse of the famous American reporter Abby. Here are additional details about Richardson and his life, including when born and what is the net worth his professional career currently have and how much Richardson earn in a year and did he marry or have a relationship with a person apart from Abby? Continue reading for the answers, and much more!

The husband of Abby Philips. Marcus Richardson was born in Idaho, Texas, to four. Richardson is a father of four. Richardson currently serves as an American business owner as well as an investor and entrepreneur and is well-known for his role as the spouse in the marriage of Abby Philips. Abby Philips. The Mr. Richardson has two sisters with names like Jasmine as well as Stacie Thompson.

Marcus Glenn Richardson is a man who’s had a full-time job in his history. The wife of his is journalist at CNN as well as an businessman who started his career through selling magazine subscriptions as when he was a child. After attending Kadena Air Force Base in Japan, Marcus became an entrepreneur. Kadena Air Force Base , Japan, Marcus became an businessman, and even made money selling DVDs of movies while Marcus was away on vacation. Marcus completed his studies at Harvard University in 2010.

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The father of Marcus Glenn Richardson Russell G. Richardson, is a retired Navy commander and was among the top-ranking African American officers in the U.S. Navy. He has a long and successful career which includes travels around the world during which Marcus himself was a resident of Germany and The Netherlands, Japan, and various other states.

Marcus Glenn Richardson Age, Physical measurements, Height:

Marcus Glenn Richardson was born in March 1983. and, as of the writing of this article, he has been set at 38 years old. He celebrated his latest birthday on the 9th of March 2022. He was born at the age of 39. the Pisceszodiac sign. Marcus has an estimated height of 5 9 inches in height. his weight is approximately 67 kilograms of weight (137 pounds). Marcus was on an extended path to reach the heights he’s achieved due to his love and passion for business. Marcus has always been very determined when it comes to pursuing an entrepreneurial career.

Marcus Glenn Richardson Early Life:

Marcus Glenn Richardson has had an amazing life to date. His father was an U.S. Navy officer, which meant that the family was constantly moving around as he grew older. Marcus was a resident of several nations throughout his childhood and teen years, including Netherlands, Germany, and Japan. When he was the age of puberty Marcus was able to leave the home and returned to America and began his journey into the world of business!

Marcus Glenn Richardson Education and Career:

Marcus Glenn Richardson studied abroad in Europe and earned the International Bachelors’ degree from Florida State University. Richardson went on to graduate school in Harvard University after obtaining his undergraduate degree. He completed his studies in 2010 and earned an Masters qualification in public Administration. After completing his master’s, Richardson worked as a desktop analyst at Howard University from 2009-2012. From 2012 until the year 2016, Richardson was an analyst in the senior level for LivingSocial.

Marcus Richardson is presently working as a security consultant for a mobile and web application security firm known as nVisium. Prior to joining the company working for IBM, he was employed in the consulting department prior to being recruited to conduct security audits for advertising servers and digital marketing companies. Marcus is also the creator of the Infosec Institute, where he is now an instructor for their cybersecurity course.

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Marcus Glenn Richardson Family:

Marcus Richardson was born in Wichita, Kansas. The parents of Marcus were Toussaint Richardson as well as Russell Richardson, who were highly successful officers of the U.S. Air Force. After Marcus completed his studies at Florida State University in 1992 in the year 1992, in which Marcus pursued a degree in Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering, he started his career in civil engineering as an contractor working for the Department of Defense. Then he moved into the largest construction company in Michigan. He lives within Ann Arbor with his wife Margie and two daughters, Jessica and Chelsea.

Marcus Glenn Richardson Wedding:

Wedding of Abigail Phillip and Marcus Glenn Richardson was a momentous occasion on the 26th of May in 2018, on the 26th of May at The Anderson House in Washington, D.C. Gene Corbin was an American Baptist minister, and deputy dean for the Harvard College for Public Service, was the officiant. Abigail and Marcus were introduced during 2011 when they attended a celebration hosted by friends who were mutual from Washington D.C. They’ve been since!

Marcus Glenn Richardson Wife/Girlfriend:

Abigail Phillip is married to Marcus Richardson. On May 26 the 26th of May, 2018, they were wed on the Anderson House, a historic house and museum located in D.C. The ceremony was performed with the help of Gene Corbin, a Baptist minister, and also the assistant dean at the Harvard College for Public Service. The couple was wed in Washington. They had been acquaintances for a long time before getting married. The couple met during a gathering in Washington.

Marcus Glenn Richardson Instagram:

Marcus Richardson, the founder of Gizmondo is extremely busy on Instagram. He has over 3000 followers and updates frequently. Richardson’s Instagram username is @gizmont and has more than three thousand followers. He also regularly posts content with his spouse, Abby Phillip.

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Marcus Glenn Richardson Net Worth:

According to the sources, Marcus Glenn Richardson has amassed a net worth of more than $2 million. It is a result of his work as the managing consultant at nVisium which he made greater than 100,000 dollars in salary.

Interesting Facts abt Marcus Richardson:

  • Marcus Glenn Richardson, known as Abby Phillips’ husband, is an aspiring American businessman and entrepreneur.
  • “Marcus Glenn” Richardson. “Marcus Glenn Richardson” was given on March 9, 1983.
  • Glenn Richardson is 39 years old at the time that he wrote this article. He will be celebrating the 39th anniversary of his birthday the 9th of March in 2021.
  • Marcus is about 5’9 inches and Pisces is his zodiac star sign.
  • After graduating from the college In 2009 Marcus Glenn Richardson found himself with a diploma in International issues.
  • He’s traveled across Latin America in search of new cultures and new experiences.
  • In the course of his love for learning languages and Spanish particularly, he attended classes at the top universities such as Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University.
  • As of 2012 Marcus took on the role of an analyst at LivingSocial and regularly is working to improve the company’s communication channels.
  • Searching for Marcus Glenn Richardson on Instagram will reveal that he is the owner of his account using the username Gizmont. He has more than 3000 followers.
  • Marcus Glenn Richardson, a professional Product Manager He decided to wed his long-time love Abby Phillip in May 2018.
  • The couple was engaged in 2016 following the Christmas celebrations at their home in Washington at the time Marcus made a proposal to Abby during the Christmas season by gifting her with a gorgeous engagement ring.
  • Marcus Glenn’s worth is around $2 million according to research. Richardson earned his income as a managing consultant at nVisium, Inc.

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